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20 Years of Experience

Afri G Adventures provided Garreth Coombes with the opportunity to fish some of the world's most exciting waters. Afri G continues to search for exciting new water to fish and as a world-renown fishing company, we have now travelled to almost every continent in search of some of the world’s most iconic fish that we know had to absolutely be experienced by our friends and clients.

Afri G Adventures encourages our clients to experience the environment and the adventure, and see the trip as an opportunity to bond with the environment like none other. We cater for all levels of experience and maturity and do our utmost to align the client’s expectations and dreams to the reality of the destination.

We hope that you will consider Afri G Adventures and our signature destinations when planning your next fishing trip 

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Afri G Conservation

Afri Jigs follows a strict NO KILL policy and Catch and Release is practised within of Afri G Adventures destination and is intended as a technique of conservation.


After capture, Afri G advises that the fish are unhooked and returned to the water. Often, fast measurement and weighing of the fish, followed by the photograph of the catch is promoted.


Using barbless hooks is recommended if the angler is confident enough to do so, as it is often possible to release the fish without taking it full out of the water.

Protect our resources today for the future.

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